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DADA is a new Israel online shop selling stylish, modern toys, teethers and accessories for children and décor for kids’ places. It’s a project of sunlight, warmth and plenty of opportunities for the curious little souls. This company proposes design products for kid’s all ages and brings comfort and happiness to the homes. Company name “DADA” means rocking horse for kids from French language - dada (/”da: da: /). One of inspire for brand name is French proverb : “Horses frolic in the meadow “, that means fun and carefree. “DADA” gets inspiration from Nordic design, eco-friendly lifestyle and natural materials and soft colours. We carefully choose and produce inspirational, useful and eco-friendly products for kids; we hope to inspire you to be creative, make your nursery truly. All products from DADA are produced with natural materials, which are safe for your little ones.

Liza Boltava, creator of DADA-shop:

" I’ve always loved art, craft and design. I’ve worked previously as an interior designer, enjoyed graphic and illustration. Design was a big part of my life always. But the main part of my designer's life is design for kid. Every day I find lovely well-designed products, something new, inspirational and delightful. I decided to bring them all together in an online shop. In the future I want to produce some deco-products by myself. DADA-shop was born at the middle of 2016, so I could share my experiences, and the products I have sourced, with other design-loving mums and dads.

Nowadays DADA-shop is a small but lovely place with big ambitions Very soon we’ll introduce you some new products such as amazing kids’ mirrors, soft textile, cute wall hocks and so on…I hope you’ll have some pleasure with a visiting my online-shop. I look forward to welcoming you as our guests. Enjoy!”